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Curtain Rods and Tracks Installation

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Curtain Rods

Try imagining a house without curtains, how does it look? Incomplete right? Curtains make up for a very important component of a house’s interior design. While selecting a fabric and choosing a design for a fabric is important and fun, how many of us actually pay real attention to how these gorgeous curtains would be hung?

No matter how beautiful your curtains are, they are actually of no use if you don’t hang them appropriately. If the base is not strong, they are going to come off from the ceiling and fall and then, you will have to keep calling someone to fix it.

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What are Curtain Rods?

Curtain rods are usually made up of wood, metal or plastic and are visible along with the curtain. They are cylindrical in shape and have curtain rings which attaches the curtain to it.

Curtain rods are often used for curtains that need to be attached at a shorter distance and are not very high up the ceiling. They are available in a variety of colours, designs and finishing. 

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Our Services

There are 3 types of Curtain Rods that we can install for you. They are:

Single Curtain Rods

These type of curtain rods are best for light to medium weight sheers and curtains. They can't hold the much heavier curtains as they don't quite have the strength for it.

Double Curtain Rods

As the name suggests, these type of rods come with 2 rods, one shorter than the other. Usually, the rod behind holds the sheer and the rod in the front holds the curtain to block out too much light or rather to adjust how much light you want in your house.

Tension Curtain Rods

These type of rods do not need any tool to drill in the holes of the wall making it easier and more convenient to install and keep! They keep your walls intact and cause no damage what-so-ever.

Need Help ?

We provide installation service for all kinds of curtain rods, curtain rails & trackes from Ikea, Taobao, and etc.


What are Curtain Tracks?

Also known as Traverse Rods, these work with an internal gliding system and use glides for smooth operation. They are made of aluminium and are available in a variety of designs and colours. They are not usually visible to anybody, unlike the curtain rods.

Advantages of Curtain Tracks:

Minimalist profile– the curtains can be hung easily and in a cleaner way along the top of the curtain. The gliders make it easier to operate being hidden under the curtain.

Adaptability– they are more flexible and adaptable as they can be bent to your choice using a bending machine.

There are a lot of benefits attached to using Curtain Tracks but Curtain Rods too have their own style and advantages. Whatever you choose for your curtains, be assured that we will provide the best installation services for your curtains making sure that they don’t fall and have a strong base.

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