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Mounting TV on Wall

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Mounting TV on Wall

For a cool and super clean look for your entertainment place, mounting your flat-edged TV will be a great idea! So, what is Wall mounting? It means attaching your TV directly to the wall. You can get it mounted anywhere on the wall either in your living room or bedroom at your convenient position.

Nowadays, Wall mounting the TV has become a trend. Most of the people do not prefer stand mounting because of its various disadvantages and safety issues. While Wall mounting provides safety to the TV and makes it stay intact at the desired position without having to look for an additional table or place as in case of stand mounting.

Wall mounting the TV gives a great look and makes it aesthetically appealing. It gives a clean look to the living room as well as bedroom without making the place look messy. One can get creative in the way they would like to mount their TV. You can also design your walls in unique ways that enhance the look of your flat-edged TV.

To give you a better insight of why you should choose wall mount for your TV is because of its various benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Provides safety to the Television
  • Hidden cable wires look cleaner and prevents from wire damage
  • Adds space to your room/place
  • Prevents neck and eye strain
  • Can be placed anywhere based on your convenience
  • Today’s flat screens are made for mounting

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You do not need to be stuck with a single kind of mounting as there are various kinds of Wall-mounting options available in the market. Based on the trend of mounting in the market, wide options are available for the people to choose their way of mounting upon their requirements. Here are some of the options:

  • Flat mount: The most basic type of mount. It’s mostly available along with when you purchase your TV. It has very little depth and does not allow you to easily move your TV or change its viewing angel. Hence, it’s very affordable.
  • Hook mount: This kind of wall-mounting comes with a hook to attach the TV. It’s easily detachable when required and also, helps in easy cleaning.
  • Tilt/ Swivel mount: This kind of mount is moreover similar to a flat mount. It allows to easily change the viewing angles. This type of mount is suitable for smaller TV’s as larger ones will be heavier and it won’t be able to bare the weight of the heavy TV’s.
  • Full-motion mount: Full-motion mounts are very expensive. It provides with lots of adjustable angles based on the viewers position and it is more suitable with large rooms and different seating options. It is also, used in most of the offices in conference or meeting rooms.

Now, when you have a clear idea about Wall mounting, the next most important step is to know your wall. You should check if your wall is strong enough to hold the weight of the TV by choosing a wall bracket with side locks. This will ensure your TV is safe from falling off.

For the rest, be assured that We will make sure that your televisions are wall mounted with absolute care and technique. With a set of skilled labour to work for us, we are Singapore’s leading installation service providers for wall mounted TVs.